The Wolf of Wall Street 2013

  • Quality: HD
  • Translation: English
  • Year: 2013
  • Length: 180 min
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Comedy, Crime
  • IMDB: 8,2 (835 928)
  • Director: Martin Scorsese
  • Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie
The Wolf of Wall Street 2013
The Wolf of Wall Street 2013
The Wolf of Wall Street 2013
Belfort, an impudent, audacious youngen, teamed up with Azoff and instituted Stratford-Oakmont, a dough-makin' corp. Erelong, the enterprise "swelled" and flourished into a grand thang with 250 labourers. The lads' standing in the biz grew inconceivably, and the shabby firm converted into a revered, prosperous brokerage contrivance.
Jordan was indicted denounced as a knave, grafter and a fraudster. The bloke rotted in gaol for 22 months. He was hoodwinkin' investors for perpetuity. Madden, a prominent buck in the biz, was implicated as well. The swindlers used trickery to fool the dunces.

The grander the concern, the more unscrupulous and ignominious the lies and the hokum. The chaps are throwin' unparalleled, wondrous parties, enticin' more and more goofy, doughy 'vestors. Yet, the adjudicators are comin' for Jordan and Donny.

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Comments 5

  1. rjwess
    rjwess 9 October 2018 01:54
    10 out of 10 awesome funny joy
  2. Vasilily
    Vasilily 19 March 2018 05:09
    With the amount of cocaine, alcohol, sex, money, pills, and what not, I am suprised he was still alive by the end of that movie lol.
  3. Mongolian
    Mongolian 11 March 2018 19:06
    Trump tower existed at that time. lol interesting !
  4. ryazlin
    ryazlin 24 November 2017 23:16
    Enjoyed the realistic plot, excellent soundtrack, lovely game of all actors, starting with Leonardo DiCaprio, not worth watching teenagers due to the large number of scenes of a sexual and violent nature.
  5. RickChayney001
    RickChayney001 24 October 2017 21:28
    In the end, The Wolf of Wall Street is an outrageous and repugnant reflection of something very real and very rotten at the core of our society with DiCaprio's brilliant example of deviating personality and Scorcese's exposing inquisitionary play